A day in our life.

We stretch, scramble to find the “dismiss” on the cell phone alarm and scratch our way out of covers. It’s 4:50 am, and we find the best way to start the day – with a hug and hushed “I love you”.
This season, is one of long hours and hard work. It's also one of laughter & togetherness. It’s a time when guys crowd around the kitchen table, coffee mugs in hand, microwaved breakfast sandwiches in the other.  Freshly showered, shaved and dressed they’re ready to tackle the day and it’s work. Boots get pulled on, coats get thrown over shoulders, and then it’s out the door to saddle horses and ride pens. 
Cattle are checked, sorted, penned and later bred. Feed trucks pull through fields, and hay is flaked off to waiting mouths. Calves are checked & doctored, while their mama’s Estrotect patches get a glance over to see if they’re pink.
Lunch for the guys is usually on the run.  The days I’m at work, they fend for themselves, or heat up leftovers from the fridge. Shippers arrive at our doorstep by the men in brown, and semen gets inventoried, transferred, and supplies get checked.

Work lasts until dusk, when they arrive {home} ready for a hot meal and a cold drink.  I try to make sure both are plentiful.
More laughter. 
More stories.
Every bed in the house gets filled as weary bodies tuck into blankets, and tired heads hit pillows. They work hard, so that the job can get done, and done well. I don’t know where we’d find ourselves without their help….I guess I’d like to not ever know. We feed the dogs, change into pajamas and again, find ourselves exactly where we need to be.
The next morning, the cycle starts again as the alarm announces a new day.
We are blessed. 
Blessed to be together, blessed to have so many great people helping us during this season, and blessed with the work we get to do.  It’s not a job for the weak at heart, and we don’t get rich doing it, but we love the work that it is. You won’t find better people, than the ones in this industry.
And I’m thankful we get to do it all, together.


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