Beer & branding.

As I post this, the crew at Double M is branding their last set of spring calves for the year.  They had a big bunch to do today, but I'm willing to bet a case of beer that they get all of the calves done.

Here on the ranch - we make beer bets.

And goodness knows I've lost a few in my time.

Miss catching a calf through the chute - owe the crew a case.

Beer is a currency all cowboys speak.

It seems like last year I got to help brand a lot more calves than I have been able to this year, but with work and other things, I only got to help with one group.  However, the number of pictures I took during that one day made up for me missing other days I think.  ;)

Jack kept asking - "How many pictures are you going to take?"

{Enough} was usually my answer.

Even though I took my personal laptop with me to Kansas City last week in an effort to get some editing done...I just haven't gotten to all of them.  And we've started breeding heifers which means life is quickly becoming busy.   In the best possible way.  So until I can get my act together, pictures edited, and a post's two of my favorites from last week that were early in my sequence of shots, which meant they were some of the first to get edited. 

And I want to wish you all a happy Thursday friends!  Whether you're branding, correcting papers at a desk, making a meal for your family, or just 'doing your thing'....

I hope it brings you joy.

Joy matters.

PS - I'm quickly realizing that the Cinema action in Picasa + Black Cattle = True Love.  

Try it.  I bet you'll like it.

And I'm willing to bet a case of beer on that.


  1. Love reading these and seeing your pictures. :)

  2. You take AMAZING photos...this post just made me giggle :) Sweet blessings!


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