Laughter really is the best medicine.

We got home from Loomis this afternoon, where we were breeding cows & heifers for the Double R Ranch.  It was flat gorgeous country.  Seriously - I don't even think the widest, wide angle lens could capture the vastness.    We're headed to bed early, and I'll post pictures of that project tomorrow, but I wanted to post these pictures from right before we left.

We'd been running around, hustling to get things done at the ranch, trying not to forget anything that we'd need, since there were 6 of us going and we'd be 5 hours away, and to be honest - when you're at that point in the day - sometimes you just need a little laughter to get over the tension & anxiety of a big project that you're trying to be 100% ready for.

So with that - here's showing a little bit of laughter here at the ranch.....

I'm so thankful it finds itself into our days! 

I hope you all had a great weekend - and may this week be filled with laughter to get you over the humps!


  1. Oh....Laughing That Hard Feels Sooo Good! Great Captures.


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