This month.

I woke up totally exhausted this morning.

Grumpy too.

Usually those two things go hand in hand in my world.

I just wanted to turn off the alarm, ignore my committments, roll over and sleep for another 1,282 hours.

Because I think I could have.

Sometimes I feel like I have put myself on a roller coaster....and can't get off.

Highs, lows, strap the belt, flail around, scream, holler and breath relief at the end.

But then it all starts again...and without a chance to catch my breath, I have to regroup and be ready for the next ride.

We don't ride roller coasters all day, every day, for the entire year....

So why should our lives be any different?

Our June so far....
Cattle, weddings, CRP, graduations & shows.

Yes....excitement is a good thing.

Anticipation can be wonderful.

The people we get to live with, work with and interact with are AWESOME.
But the let down, the crazy moments that make me throw up my hands and utter a comment that isn't maybe the kindest....not so much how I want to be living.

I'm a work in progress.

And I'm working on balancing {riding the roller coaster} with {patiently waiting in line}.

When people ask how I've been, lately all I've had as a response is "life is crazy".

I guess I can't make up my mind whether that is a good thing....or a not so good thing.

But for now, it is what it is.  Life is happening around us, to us and hopefully thru us.

Happy Monday friends.

Go live.

Ride the roller coaster.

And then hopefully, we'll be able to take a few breaths and enjoy the scenery before we hop on the next ride.


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