A tool that has four legs.

At lunch today we were watching a DVR'ed show about ranching on RFD-TV, and they were talking about how horses are a valued tool on a ranch.

 Horses to some people are pets and a part of their family, and while we absolutely care about our horses, that's what they are here - a tool that gets used and developed.

Clint is really talented with horses, and enjoys riding and developing horses.  He likes good looking horses, that are of quality, and able to work and have a keen mind. 

But at the end of the day - they are a tool.

And we're glad that each one of them is in our tool box.

Pistol - our yearling colt - and Butterscotch - a full sister to our stud horse - hanging out together.
They're still a bit young to ride, but are looking like good prospects for the future!

Pistol Pete - He is getting big and is turning roan just like his mother Peg.

Jug - He's older and has earned his time spent out to pasture.  But when we need a parade horse, or a horse for a child to ride - he's our man.
Twist - our stud horse.  His foot is healing really well, and Clint's back to riding him.  He's a gentle guy who likes to get out and go work.

Spook - Clint's putting a few days on her for a friend.  She's a quirky little mare, but works hard and can go all day.

I had to throw these in -
Last week Clint had Spook & Twist penned next to each other....
(Twist is a stud horse, Spook is an intact mare)
And Twist was like a teenage boy trying to impress the girl next him!


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