Fall calving.

Ranching is a series of cycles.
Sometimes those cycles are planned and can be prepared for, and others cannot.

I've had a hard time believing it....
But it's September and that means it's calving time again at Double M.
Fall AI calves and Fall ET calves have been hitting the ground since last week.

Clint says the first week and the last week of calving are always the hardest.
This year that saying has especially rang true.

Clint thinks a lot of the problems have stemmed from the unusually high temperatures we had last week....we had a lot of calves born early or prematurely.  Some lived, others didn't.  I know Clint was frustrated because he was dealing with something {weather} that he couldn't control - and it was causing such chaos.  But he is a trooper, a hard HARD worker, and I am so proud of the cattleman he is.

The first week is under Clint's belt now, so hopefully the remaining weeks go smoother.  Healthy calves, fewer difficulties and cows that look after their calves are what we're wishing for this week.

Happy Wednesday friends!

May your week be filled with blessings, cooler temperatures and if you're calving - healthy babies!


  1. I am sorry to hear Fall Calving is off to a rough start, Darcy. Hope things get better, soon.

    I have never been around fall calving cows, only spring calvers. The neighbors have a handful of fall calvers and it's fun to see little guys running around.

  2. Thanks! I was probably a bit dramatic in my post (who me?!?!)....there are definitely more alive calves than not, but even when you lose a few, it still is frustrating. And the weather cooled off which is super helpful too! :)

  3. The weather here has just been crazy. So hot you can't stand it one day and then almost cold. It's hard on us humans, so I'm sure it's effecting the animals.


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