Five on Friday.

1. Hermiston Architecture.

We live in a rural community.  And I love the community that we live in - but we keep things pretty simple here.

So I absolutely had to laugh when I drove thru the McDonald's drive-thru last Saturday morning and saw these rock piles.  Someone had taken A LOT of time to make these puppies.

It was too bad they didn't withstand the wind storm the next day.

2. Wind.
The sky had been blue right before I took this picture.  It's not poor's a wall of dirt coming at us at 70 mph.

Speaking of wind - holy buckets of wind last weekend!  We're still picking up branches off the yard, and finding shingles that blew off but for the most part have things pretty well picked up.  Like our neighbors, the ranch Clint works for had 2 circles of hay down that both blew away.  They didn't ever find the alfalfa....but they did find the grass hay.  It was a half mile down the road, piled up in a fence and strewn about for 150 yards.  I think they got to bale most of it - and hopefully this winter we won't find any {surprises} when it's being fed to cows!

3. Baby calves.

Clint is still calving fall cows.  No surprise, right. :)  Things have been going smoother - but the masses have realized it's calving time and he has been getting  a lot of calves a day.  That's the beauty of synchronized AI though, and it should mean that numbers will drop off here in about a week giving him a little break before the second cycle takes off.

4. CRP

I'm headed into work here for a few hours, even though it's my Friday off.  The CRP deadline is today and we still have a boatload of contracts to enter into our system before the deadline tonight.

5. College Reunion.

After work, I'm headed to the valley this weekend to spend time with my college roommates and friends!  I'm sure there will be lots of visiting, baby holding, catching up and memory re-living going on and I can't wait!

Dairy Club Tour - 2003 - Can't wait to see these girls!

Happy Friday friends!  

May your weekend be filled with friendship & laughter, and maybe a few interesting rock piles to look at.  :)


  1. Darcy,

    We get horrible wind here too. During calving last spring we really battled the wind and dirt.

    Glad to hear calving has taken a turn for the better.

    Have a great time with your college buddies. We try to get together with our college friends too. We have so much fun.


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