See 'ya September

Weddings and friendships and laughter and love.
Travel and vacations and rodeos and work and play.
Calving and new babies and freshly weaned calves and doctoring.
Tears and chest pounding and worry and anxiety.
Grace and understanding and knowing looks and even more grace.

September has been a bag of tricks - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
But grace and friendship and love have abounded.

Love matters.
It really, truly, absolutely does - the greatest thing each of us can do in this lifetime is to live a life of love.

See ya September - hopefully again next year, with all of your beauty and lessons again.


  1. May October bring you more smiles than challenges, Darcy! I like your September recap in pictures.

    We had a pretty good September.

    The Rancher mentioned today that corn chopping is taking to long due to breakdowns and rain. Last week we chopped our corn and now J is helping the neighbor who helped us.

    The Rancher is starting to feel behind. We have half our hay hauled and millet to bale.

    The next 2 weeks will be busy.

  2. September flew by for us with all of the kids activities. Hard to believe October is here.


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