This & that.

A few random thoughts/a list/rambling (ha!) before life takes over....

1. I love posting on this blog, but unfortunately this week I won't be able to spend much time here.   I told a friend on Facebook this morning that I hate using "We're just so busy" as an excuse, but this week - it's the honest to goodness truth.

2. I am by no means a professional photographer.  Like at all.  And I don't think I ever really want to be one - taking photos for myself is fun and carefree.  Taking photos for others, who are expecting you to produce a level of quality that they have paid for is stressful, and probably not in the cards for me and best left to the professionals.  {Insert my huge love for Shannon Boettcher and her work here!}

With that being said... I do have two friends who are also co-workers who didn't get as many non-traditional poses as they would have liked during their wedding, and since the price was {free} and the only thing they had to lose was their time - we took a stab at a few sunset shots and I have officially found a new place that I love to take pictures at. A BIG thank you to Lindsay for letting me borrow a lens of hers - I am kind of in love with it and the images it let me take.  Thanks L1! 

But taking these re-inforced my thoughts above that I will not be a professional photographer any time soon.....but it did let me grow a little, and that's always a good thing.

3. I'm headed to Wallowa for a meeting tomorrow, and there isn't any Wi-Fi or 3G there.  But there will be great co-workers and hopefully a very productive work session.

4. Clint has had 86 calves in past last ten days (or so) and I finalized over 200 CRP contracts at the office last week.  I think that about sums up why our life is kind of crazy right now. 

5. Just a reminder to myself - and if you'd like one too - kindness matters

"In a world full of people who couldn't care less,
 be someone who could care more."
- Unknown

Have a great week friends! 

Please know that you are loved, important, and that you matter.


  1. Love this post and you, but even more I'm thankful that you are so very dedicated to living your one life well!

  2. I dont know what "professional" photos look like out West, but I'd pay you big dough to come take some Midwest photos to fill up my photo library. :) Unfortunately, my travel budget is a bit small.

  3. Kindness does matter.....sometimes I think we all need that simple reminder. Thanks.


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