Fall at the feedlot.

It's Friday.  
My normal {day off}.
Even though we just went back to work yesterday, we're supposed to be following our normal schedules.  
So I'm home at the ranch instead.

Not that I'm complaining.  :)

After doing chores at the calving barn - 7 sweet little babies suckling out their adoptive Jersey moms & 2 pairs that I am so ready to "kick out" of the barn and put back to pasture with their graft calves - I headed to the feedlot.   I had two dead calves to take to the dead pit from the aforementioned 2 cows (just being honest - the ranching lifestyle is not glamorous 100% of the time) and to get there you have to drive through the feedlot.

Fall is my absolute favorite time to take pictures there.  

The lot is full, there's calves of all colors & sizes and the feed seems to glimmer in the early morning light.  It's always abuzz with activity - cattle at the bunks, feed trucks running, guys on horseback checking pens, tractors moving in feed for the winter.

Silage pits are being filled, corn cob piles are being stacked and pushed and the feed trucks make round after round and then go again.  

Bulls for sale in the spring come to the bunk next to pens of freshly weaned calves.  Cattle that are being backgrounded for finising inhale freshly delivered feed, next to a pen of heifers for replacement.

It's a busy time of the year.
But it's part of the routine, and the crew is ready for it.
Here's a successful fall at the feedlot.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful life!!

  2. The picture of the pivot is good. I might be a tad partial to irrigating though.


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