When life is a routine.

Life on a ranch is different every day, but it's also a lot of routine.

I know....
{Routine & Ranching} 
It sounds like an oxymoron.

But it's true.  A lot of our life is routine.  It's just that there are usually a few - or maybe a lot - of speed bumps that get thrown in along the way.

Right now Clint is calving fall cows, so he drives thru them every morning, mid-day and night.  Some days he can drive thru them and everything is hunky dory, so he can go on with the other things he'll have planned for the day.  Other times, everything has gone to pot and he might have to scramble to get a calf paired up or pull a calf and get colostrum milked out and fed.   And on other days, he might drive thru them at 9:45 pm and hope nothing bad has happened because he hit a few speed bumps and hasn't had a chance to look at them since the morning check.

I think anyone who farms or ranches knows what I'm talking about.
Some days you're scheduled to go to a doctor's appointment and you make it with time to spare.  On another, cattle may tear down a fence, or a tractor breaks down, or {insert your problem here} and you're forced to call and reschedule. 

We have learned to not even schedule appointments for Clint during calving season....it never works out. 

But the thing is; as crazy as a day may be, there is still a routine.

Calving seasons come each year.
Weaning happens every year.
Breeding season happens every year.
Cows are checked routinely.
Feed is fed, pastures are checked and hay is flaked routinely. 
Where we live, we do chores every morning and every night with the milk cows.
Horses are tended to every day.

The order and length of time each of these chores & tasks may take in a day can vary, but the routine of being at the ranch and accomplishing those things still happens.  Sometimes that means that those things get done at 10:00 pm in the dark, with headlights shining a path....and sometimes they're done by 6:00 pm and you're in the house for dinner on time.

But every day the routine gets done.

And with these routines;

Joy happens all around us.
Blessings overflow daily.
Grace and patience and love are needed and necessary.

One thing is for sure - Life is never dull. 
That is for darn sure.

Work Ethic.

Those that ranch & farm with those three things in mind are usually successful.
And success is reason enough.


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