#30DaysofThanks - Week 3

Day 15 - Double M Ranch
When we came back to Oregon in 2011, we had the good fortune to land in the spot that we did.  I am so thankful for the people at Double M, and how much of a team effort the cow side of the operation is.  The crew freeze branded the replacement heifers last week, and I got to stop by a snap a few pictures.

Day 16 - Thankful for a job inside.
The Echo & Stanfield FFA auction was last Saturday, and while I always like to help the local FFA chapters, I was especially thankful that on this day my job was inside.  The wind blew like a 'son of a gun.  Also, I was thankful for all of the people who came to the auction and either volunteered, bid, purchased or just enjoyed the evening.  The event raised just shy of $12,000 - an increase from last year.

Day 17 - Installation.
I brought home our new dishwasher at the beginning of the month, but I finally got around to installing it Sunday night.  After a new flexible steel waterline hose, we were in business and the whirl of a dishwasher humming away never sounded sweeter.

Day 18 - Progress.
Every night I drive in the driveway and there is so much progress that's been made on the sale barn prep.  If you came to visit us, I think you'd be amazed too.  (PS - Visitors are always welcome!) 

Day 19 - The AI Crew.
We bred a group of cows here in Hermiston on Tuesday and we were so thankful for the crew of people who came and helped.  155 cows time AI bred, utilizing two double AI barns in an hour & 40 minutes - we were pleased.  And all of it happened with a portable set up in the middle of an irrigated grass circle that was surrounded by a single strand of hot wire.  A big thank you to our grew crew - Annie, RJ, Kevin, Andy, Morgan & Miles - you are the best and make things happen!  And to the Thomas Angus Ranch crew who helped get cows to the chute & numbers recorded - Marti, Matt, Chris & others - thank you!

Day 20 - A blessed birthday.
Cards, flowers, notes, messages on Facebook, phone calls, texts, a manicure (I haven't had one of those since high school I think!) and dinner with my husband really made my birthday a special one.  Thank you! I can't wait to see what blessings this year brings.

Day 21 - The small things.
A pickup that started the first try.  A coat & scarf to keep me warm on a single digit degree morning.  A lunch I didn't have to worry about affording.  Clean clothes in my closet.  Our old faithful dog Austin who curls up at my feet every morning while I'm drying my hair because she likes the warm air.  A husband who always gives me a kiss goodbye before he heads out the door in the morning. 


The small things in life matter.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week filled with big & small blessings.

Also, if you'd be so kind;
Would you pray for a friend of mine who is recovering from a planned surgery?
Prayers for regained strength and minimalized pain during recovery would be appreciated.


  1. Love all of these!! I may have to copy your week at a time idea! :)
    Praying for your friend too!!


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