Shipping cows.

Once again, I'm blown away by the beauty of Wallowa County.

We shipped cows out of Joseph on Sunday.  
It had snowed the day before, so the timing was just about perfect.

The ladies were fat & sassy, and came off of the mountain well. 
The horses kept us all safe and brought the cows to the truck.  
The buyer seemed happy and we were all home by 6 that night.

And while they won't win any awards, I may have just gotten some of my favorite pictures of the fall.

Success is reason enough.


  1. Award winning for certain!! No doubt about it!!

  2. Darcy,
    I like your pictures! Can I come visit you?

    Yea for a successful shipping day. I can't imagine gathering cattle out of the mountains on horseback. That sounds like an adventure.


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