5 on Friday.

1. Sleep

Calving season is right around the corner, so we've been trying to stock pile some sleep.  I don't know if you can really do that, but there was one night this week that we were in the house, had eaten dinner and had all of the chores done by 7:30, so we hit the sack.  There won't be too many of those nights here for awhile, so we're getting ahead while we can.

2. Speaking of calving season...

Double M had their first calf yesterday!  Jack & Duane found it while they were feeding, and Jack says it is tiny!  (Like smaller than our smallest dog Leo...and he only weighs 32 pounds!)  The heifers aren't supposed to start calving until Jan. 10th so this one is a little on the early side.  Jack took the pictures above, and hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get out and capture it too!

3. It's recip day today!

Doc is here at the ranch today putting in embryos for Meadow Acres.  Double M provides the recip cows, and the Correa's provide the eggs.  It's been a great partnership in the past, and I hope this year they have great conception!

I usually try to take the day off to help, (and let's be honest - visit) but we had a busy day at work so it wasn't possible.  But we did get to eat dinner with the crew last night and that was fun!

4. Echo FFA Greenhand Ceremony

The Echo FFA Greenhand's were initiated last night, and 7 freshman stood up and gave the FFA Creed.  I remember my own greenhand ceremony at Newberg High School, and all of the great things that came from being in FFA member.  Congrats to this group - I know you will be successful!

5. UCCA Ball

The Umatilla Cattlemen's Annual Ball is this weekend - Saturday, Dec. 21 at 6:00 pm at the Pendleton Convention Center.   You are invited!  The prime rib dinner is $35, and entertainment by Take Two Productions will be provided!  The UCCA had their annual meetings last weekend (I'm still working on a post with pictures) but because of a double booking, the ball got pushed to this weekend.  We're excited to see good friends, spread some cheer and eat beef! 

Happy Friday friends! 

This has been a busy week - but filled in the best way! 

I hope each of you enjoys the weekend and spends time doing what you love - go out there and live the dream!


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