Baby, it's cold outside!

As the sun sets on a weekend that's been bitter cold (-15* last night and this morning and single digits during the days), I am thankful for warm clothes, extra layers, a heat lamp that kept the lube from freezing while we were breeding heifers, heated seats in the pickup, and the great crew here at Double M who all pitch in to get the work done and water thawed for the cattle.

And can we all get an {AMEN} for the glorious invention called the electric tank heater?!?

The days & conditions may be challenging, but the work is worth doing.
We are living a lifestyle that we love, and sometimes that lifestyle presents days like these.  
Cows can't fend for themselves, and it's gratifying to know you've made a difference.

Success is reason enough.

PS - I had a "first" today.  We've bred cows in a lot of extreme weather, but today was the first time that my tongue and lips got stuck to the semen tank canister as I was holding it with my mouth while I pulled straws to thaw!  Lol.  I was more careful not to lick my lips before I went to thaw after that.  :)


  1. I can not imagine breeding cows in this cold! Wow, are you tough.

    Are the cattle showing signs of heat? I know on cold or wet spring mornings it's hard to see signs of heat.

    Yesterday we saw a high of zero! The cold spell started last Tuesday and we have had a lot of highs between -5 and -10.

    I am bundled up like an Eskimo. With sun and no wind -10* can feel OK. I am very thankful the ranger has a good heater. Sounds like each day this week will be a little warmer for us.

    I told J when it hits 20 we are going to be doing chores with light jackets on. lol!


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