Breeding the Meadow Acres Heifers.

You might remember when I was talking about my lips freezing to the semen tank canisters last week?  Well that little incident happened while we were breeding the Meadow Acres Angus replacement heifers for the Correa's.

The headquarters for Meadow Acres is just on the other side of the freeway (they live on the Echo Meadows, we live on the Stanfield Meadows) so they feed their replacement heifers at Double M in the White Corrals and it makes it extra easy for us to heat detect & breed them since they're just that much closer.  After pulling heats over the weekend (thanks Annie!) we time-bred the rest of the heifers Sunday morning.  Skeeter & Devin were there to help, and with RJ and Clint breeding it took no time at all. 

"No time at all" are sweet words when you're time AI'ing.  They're also sweet words when the temperature is in the negative and you're trying to get done and back inside! :)

The cold didn't phase the heifers at all though, and soon enough they were all back at the bunk and focused on growing!


Sweet little Royce joined us too! He didn't love wearing his mittens - RJ kept telling him he either had to wear them, or sit in the pickup.  You can bet a dollar that Royce wasn't going to miss any cow-action and had those mittens back on quick!  But he did like wearing his OSU mustache/beard stocking hat and was sure cute in it!

Two generations of Cattlemen - Skeeter & Devin
I love how they're always willing to pose & smile for me! Such good sports! :)

Another heifer breeding season wrapped up for the Meadow Acres crew - hopefully it will be successful!

Be sure to join them for their bull sale on the 2nd Wednesday in February every year!


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