OCA Convention

Last Friday we headed to Bend for the Oregon Cattlemen's Association annual convention, held at The Riverhouse.  Despite the weather, there was a really excellent turn out and we enjoyed visiting with friends.

Clint was on a panel in the afternoon that the Beef Improvement committee had put together.  He and the group talked about the value of synchronization, and advancements in breeding heifers and cows to AI (artificial insemination). 

The OSU Steer A Year students were also there giving an update on their program, and recognizing the generous donors and giving out the annual awards.  I was in SAY when I was at OSU, and even though it was a few years ago, the program is still the same and teaching kids great lessons.  Even a lot of the donors are the same, which is a great testament to how much the cattle industry supports that program.

We wrapped up the evening with a tour through the tradeshow, and then headed into Western Fun Night!  A great tri-tip dinner, live music and a casino night were a great way to wrap up the day.

Thanks to the great crew at OCA who made this conference happen - it was a great gathering, and we were glad we got to attend.


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