The Thomas Project - Group 2

We bred the second group of Thomas LGW cows on a brisk, chilly, foggy day.

The guys were joking about how they had hoped they had gotten all of the pairs in the corral, because it would have been easy to miss one.

The numbers all came out right and every cow got bred.  Again, there was a great crew on hand to get the job done, and we got the entire group of cows bred in an hour flat.  And we had fun doing it! :)

- The whole Group 2 crew -
Darcy, Kevin, Andy, Clint, Morgan, Rob, RJ, Chris, Cheyenne & Marti {front}
Mike, Miles, Annie & Emmet {horseback}

Kevin & Andy getting ready to breed in their barn to the left.

On projects like these, where we're trying to time breed a group of cows as quickly as possible, my "real" camera usually stays put away.  I'm usually kept pretty busy thawing straws as quickly as possible because the guys can breed them just as fast as I can thaw them.  Plus, when the cattle come to the barn as quickly as they do when we use our Daniels portable alleyway and Bud box, there isn't a lot of down time.

I did have a chance to snap a few pictures with my cell phone though!

The guys know by now that I won't leave a project with at least a few pictures! :)

Cheyenne & Marti recording numbers, which bull they were bred to and pushing cows to the breeding barns.

There's always time for a selfie, right?!?

Everything we need to get the job done - including a Diet Coke!

Clint breeding a cow.  It was so cold he brought a heat lamp so the lube wouldn't freeze.
I keep track of timing and bulls used and always have a Sharpie with me to do so.

Rob running the sorting Y.

Miles & the Evans' sorting the cows to be bred from their calves.

My {office}.

Cheyenne & Marti

All done with Group 2, and headed to set up at Group 3
Group 3 getting set up.

Thank you to Thomas Angus for allowing us breed your cows this year!


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