5 on Friday.

1. I drove to work this morning in the daylight; only because I slept two hours past my alarm.  (Yikes!)  And while I was an hour late to work....I have to say, the extra two hours of sleep were probably worth it.  It was a great drive - I pulled out of the fog on the meadows and a huge sun rising over the eastern horizon met me and I had clear skies all the way to Pendleton.

2. With being an hour late, and leaving early today for a dental appointment, I wasn't at work very long.  I had to get a crown today, and this picture Kerry posted on Facebook last week still makes me laugh, especially after my appointment.

3. This quote really hit a home run with me this week - so much that it's taped on the top of my computer monitor at work;

"One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency."

4. It's a three day weekend for us at our office with the MLK Jr. holiday, and I'm looking forward to helping Clint with calving and taking some more pictures of the calves.

And maybe getting a nap, if I'm being honest. :)

There's already about 50 calves on the ground, and the heifers aren't due until the 20th.  I guess that's probably a good thing - since they're usually smaller when they are born earlier.  Hopefully the rest will come without any major problems!

5. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement this week - phone calls, comments on the blog, notes on Facebook, or packets of goodness left by the back door. (Thank you Tess!)  I so appreciate all of you - and the positive encouragement you give to us.  We are blessed.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you find things in your life that make you {rejoice}!


  1. Darcy,
    J and I have not been up and at em early. I usually get up first, sometimes it is closer to 8 am than 7 when J gets up. It's 8-8:30 before we head out to chore. The tractors need the extra time to warm up. It's all good b/c once calving starts it will be busy.

    I am sure you missed the alarm by accident and it will be OK. I really like the picture!

    As for the crown, I hope the Dentist didn't accidentally hit a live root. That is a little intense.

    I like the quote and hope you have a fabulous weekend. It may be hectic, but it can also be fabulous.


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