Our January has been all about cattle.
Calving cows, checking heifers, picturing bulls, videoing bulls, tagging calves.
Doctoring calves, feeding groups, and AI'ing fall cows for the ranch and others.

Even all of my photo files for this month are of cattle.

We don't normally schedule anything socially in January.
This is "go-time" at the ranch, and we try to make sure we're home and available.
For me, when I know the extra work is coming; it's easier to make sure I'm ready to handle it as gracefully as I can.

And while this month is always a lot of extra effort; it's always enough.


  1. Darcy,
    I love your first picture!

    Here's to a great February as you continue to calve, prepare for the sale, feed and maintain everyday things.


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