The 2014 Genex Co-op Meeting

Each year, Genex holds meetings across the country to thank it's cooperators.  One of those meetings was in Pendleton last week, and many more are scheduled for the remainder of the year across the country.  

Ask your local Genex rep when yours is scheduled for or click here.

During the meetings, producers who are members of Genex have a chance to hear updates from Genex, learn about new bulls in the lineup and hear about other new programs that have been developed. 

Jon Janssen is the Beef Sire Procurement Manager for Genex and he had flown out for the series of meetings being held here in Oregon, Washington, Idaho & California.  He met up with Morgan Johnsrud, and the two of them went through the new 2014 Sire Management Catalog (available here online, and soon in print) and information about Genex's Chuteside Service, and Progeny Tests.   The producers at the meeting in Pendleton were all beef ranchers, so the information focused on the beef side of Genex.  I imagine they go through dairy sires and related information in areas that have a heavy dairy influence.  I wasn't able to be at last year's meeting, but I really enjoyed hearing Jon's take on the current bulls in the lineup and what traits he puts emphasis on when he selects bulls that go into stud at Genex.

I always enjoy getting together with ranchers from our part of the world, and this meeting was no exception.  Throw in a nice catered dinner, and good conversation and that's a winner of a meeting in my book.

A funny side story - 

At the meeting, I asked Morgan why he was wearing an Iowa State hat. (He's usually in Boise State gear.)  He said he and Jon had made some wager regarding the Boise State vs Iowa State game in the Diamond Head basketball tournament championship.  *Updated - I had previously thought it was a bet regarding the BSU vs. OSU BCS bowl game.*  Anyhooo.....whoever lost the bet, had to wear the other guy's colors during the Genex Co-Op meetings here in the PNW. So all of last week Morgan was sporting this hat.

Since all of my family is from Iowa and both of my parents and other relatives went to ISU, I asked Jon where he was from.  He said, "Oh, you won't know where it is.  I grew up in really small town in Pocahontas County."  I told him - "That's interesting, my mom is from Pomeroy and my dad grew up in Pocahontas."   He grew up in Palmer, which is right next door to Pomeroy, and knows my Uncle Curt and Aunt Mary.  It's funny how small the ag world can be at times! 

Clancy Clan - I figured you'd get a kick out of that story.


  1. Oh geez, Curt is famous halfway across the country!

    P.S. He's in good company to wear that ISU cap. Both men's and women's bball teams were 14-0 til yesterday!

  2. It was a bet on the Boise State vs Iowa State in the Diamond Head basketball tournament championship.... that's why I am sporting the crimson and gold!


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