When enough is enough.

Sometimes....it can all just be a little overwhelming.

The sun comes up, and the sun goes down, and the minutes in between just don't seem like enough.

We run here, go there, and chase time hour by hour.

Cows have to be fed, calves need to be tagged, pens need to be cleaned and fence needs to be mended. 

{Surprises} aren't fun, unexpected tasks creep in, and before you know it - the day is done.  But the to-do list still isn't checked off.

Mountains of laundry beckon from the basket, dishes cascade in the sink, and there never seems to be enough hot water or suds to wash it all away at night.

You fall into bed.  Exhausted.

Alarms go off, snooze buttons get pressed until there just.isn't.one.minute.more.left.to.procastinate!

It makes you think that it isn't worth it.  That there isn't enough.

That you aren't enough.

But you are.  Enough is enough.

It really, truly is.

There are enough minutes.  There is enough patience. 

The dishes can wait.   Who cares if you wore that sweatshirt yesterday?!?

We only live once.

Let's make it count.

Give the hug. 
Flash the smile. 
Hold your breath and your temper just one more minute. 
Flirt with your husband. 
Make the phone call. 
Wave to your neighbor. 
Hold the ones close to you even closer.

It will all be worth it. 

It is already.


  1. Definitely ...... words of wisdom!!

  2. Absolutely! And when you have babies, you will be surprised at how easy it is to take them with you while you accomplish all these things! We are inspired to go beyond what we believe is possible with the words of wisdom of a friend, a good deed of a neighbor, and the love of a family. It doesn't get much better than being in ag, a woman in ag. Thanks friend, your words inspire!

  3. Hang in there, Darcy. Calving season is temporary.

    Keep thinking positive. You are doing good and you are enough!


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