5 on Friday.

1. Brrrrr.

Want to know what ranchers really don't care for during calving season?  Single digit temperatures & snow covered ground.  Yuck.  So while it may be beautiful.....and while some people are excited because schools were closed & they're out playing in it....we can't wait for it to leave.  It wouldn't hurt our feelings if it was gone tomorrow, but the unfortunately the weather forecast isn't looking too hot.  So until it does melt, I think every rancher across the country right now is hustling to save baby calves and keep cows warm, fed & bedded.

2.  Calving out their tails.

Speaking of baby calves - they're still coming here at Double M.  With the weather, we've been bringing every pair into the barn at least for a few hours to get the babies warm, and make sure they get colostrum in them.  We are fortunate that we have access to a barn; many do not and are warming calves up in their pickups, laundry room floors or makeshift shelters.  If you'd pray for the ranchers out there hustling & burning the midnight oil; it wouldn't be a prayer wasted.

3. 40 looks good on him.

We had a great time celebrating Clint's 40th birthday last night!  Dinner was yummy, and this guy even smiled for the camera.  :)   Happy birthday babe.

PS - We ate at The Wheat & Barley Pub in Echo and it was delicious!  I would highly recommend eating dinner there.  They're open Thur-Sat for dinner.

4. FFA Districts

 Congrats to all of the Blue Mountain District FFA members!  They competed at their district leadership event for Parli-Pro and Speaking Events on Thursday, and it was fun to see this year's group.  If you get asked to help with or judge an FFA event - I would highly recommend it.  I guarantee you'll walk away being impressed by our young leaders.  And FFA members - I'll have your pictures posted shortly to a Google+ album. :)

5. Chance.

We lost our dog Chance this week, after he was hit by a car in front of our house late Wednesday night.   He was a great dog, and we will miss him and his fun personality.  We were thankful though to the unknown couple that stopped, and knocked on our door that night to let us know he had been hit.  I don't think they hit him, but they did take the time out of their evening to stop and make sure we had things taken care of before they drove off, and we were are very thankful they did.


So - a mixed bag this week. 

Great moments....and some tough moments.

Remember to be thankful for what you have - it could be gone in an instant.

Stay safe & warm friends.


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