It's bull sale season!

Our little corner of the world is home to a lot of bull sales.

Close to us in Hermiston:

Meadow Acres Angus - Wednesday, February 12th
At the ranch in Echo

Thomas Angus Ranch at LGW - Friday, February 14th
At Hamley's Slickfork Saloon in Pendleton

Rancher's Choice - Saturday, February 22nd
At the Bonina Sale Facility in Eltopia

Lorenzen Red Angus - Friday, February 27th
At the ranch in Pendleton

Rollin' Rock Angus - Friday, March 14th
At the Double M Sale Facility off I-84, exit 182


The Meadow Acres Angus, Thomas Angus & Rollin' Rock Angus bulls can all be viewed at Top Cut Feedlot at Double M Ranch off of I-84, exit 182. 


And no matter where you live, it's not uncommon for a rancher to open their mailbox this time of year, and find a bull sale catalog.

It's a time of year when evenings are spent with a highlighter and pen, pouring through catalogs, trying to make the best genetic decisions for the herd that they can.  Budgets are penciled, bull batteries are judged, and questions are pondered.  Cull values for salvage bulls are at an all time high, so this is really a year to pay attention to the budget, and see how to bring the most current genetics into the herd that you can.   By culling a salvage bull and bringing a premium, you may be able to afford more bull power this year.

The calves that our cows raise in the coming years will be some of the most profitable ever, so it makes sense to put some discrimination into using the best genetics available.

We just happen to live where a lot of these bulls that will be for sale are fed, so this time of year also brings a lot of visitors.  Beau, Lee & Kent were here this weekend, and they looked through the Meadow Acres, Thomas & Rollin' Rock bulls.

They, and others, are penciling figures and trying to decide which bulls fits their cows the best.

Do you buy heifer bulls?  Growth bulls?  How much attention do you pay to EPD's?  Are you more interested in phenotype?

Whatever it is that you're after - the one that is for sure, is that in our area there will be a bull sale that will provide the genetics that you need.

And before I post this - I want to mention that bull sale season is one of my favorite times of the year.

Yes, everyone is still calving and it's hectic.
Like really hectic.

The kind of hectic where sometimes you have go to a sale in a ball cap and sweatshirt, because you didn't have time to shower.  (Baby calves that need a little extra attention usually don't care when a sale starts, lol!)  Sometimes you're late, sometimes you don't have a lot of time to preview the bulls, but you still go.  You go because this is a time of year you get to visit with a lot of friends you may only see once a year.  They're friends you can pick back right up over a cup of coffee and a catalog.  They're friends who don't care how you look, and they don't care that you're in your finest choring clothes & Muck boots - they care about you.  They ask how calving is going, how calves are growing, and how {you} are.  They're the kind of friends who put more emphasis on your values & work either, than your clothes and possessions.  

And those kinds of friends, are ones worth having and keeping.

Bull sale season - I'm glad you're here.


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