Things I learned this weekend.

We had the best weekend. 

It's not too often that we leave the ranch during calving season, so when Clint told me last summer that a group of his junior college roommates were planning a 20 year NJC reunion in February, I was a little surprised at the timing. 

We flew out of Pasco to Denver early Friday morning, and spent the next four days visiting Clint's college friends in Sterling, and visiting both sides of his family in Denver & Nebraska.  And while I felt a little guilty leaving in the midst of calving, a break (and sleep) was exactly what we needed.

I'll have a few posts later this week with pictures, but since we got in late (and proceeded to head straight to the barn when we got home to help with some calving issues) this list will have to do for today until I can get my act together.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. I am used to having headlights that turn off and on automatically in the cars I drive.  There may have been a few (ok, well four) times that I was driving down the road in the dusk/dark in our rental car without any lights.

I couldn't figure out why so many people were making crazy gestures at me?!?  Or why my back seat driver kept asking me if the headlights were on?  (Thanks Chad!)

2. Sleeping in is glorious.  But sleeping in, getting breakfast and coming back to the hotel to take a nap is even better.

3. Sterling holds A LOT of stories.  Most are hilarious.  The rest have you scratching your head, thinking "you really did that?".

4. For $1, you can buy Batman the piglet from Taylor.  Robin will cost you "seventy one hundred dollars" though.

5. Avoiding toll roads because you didn't get the electronic monitor for your rental car is kind of hard when you're trying to leave the Denver airport in your tin can rental car.

6. Old Navy has a new "tami" that I am in love with.  And they're only $10.  That's cheaper than Robin the piglet. (See #4 above.)  It was a good thing I'd left a little bit of room in my suitcase for the return trip.

7. There are multiple drive up liquor stores in Sterling.  And they have excellent customer service. 

8. Outback Steakhouse has a blue cheese wedge salad that is TOO DIE FOR.  Seriously, you need to try it.

9. I will forever love me a Comfort Inn mattress.  So comfortable.  Sleeping in never felt so good.

10. It is very cool to take the limo 3 blocks down the road from the Eagles to the local bar. 

11. Michelob Ultra with some fake lime juice from the green plastic grocery store lime is pretty popular with the NJC crowd.

12. My husband never ceases to amaze me.  Minutes after checking in to our hotel on Valentine's Day in Sterling, a flower delivery man was at our door delivering a beautiful arrangement.  I sure love that guy.  Clint, not the delivery man.  :)


And on that note, I'll wrap up this post.  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

PS - We could not have gotten away, without our good friend Morgan offering to stay at the ranch and fill in for Clint while we were gone.  He did a great job, and I am also really appreciative to his wife Kim.  She didn't get to spend Valentine's Day or the rest of the weekend with him, since he was at the ranch helping and that is not lost on us.  Thank you to both of you!


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