What a weekend.

The house is shaking as I type this post.

Gary Saul is outside on his dozer, moving dirt and leveling the ground around the sale barn.  Our driveway is brown, a cut edge of dirt along our lawn.  I had to stop on my way in to the house to pull a tree stump root out of the middle of the driveway, a byproduct of today's work.  The area where the tack room was Saturday is leveled and filled in with dirt, memories of saddles hung & semen tanks stored a memory of the past.  Pieces of pipe stick straight into the air, shooting towards the sky.  The Coehlo's welders sparked and sizzled as piece by piece, the framework of a 24' alleyway stretched and  began to take shape.  Panels were delivered, and plans laid down on paper over the winter began to  spring up all around us.

A lot of work happened this weekend, and who knows - 

We might even be ready to have a bull sale on March 14.  


After last weekend in Colorado, where we got to sleep a lot, this past weekend was a hefty dose of {back to reality}.  There was a lot to do, and not a lot of down time....but at least the weather was good.  We spent Friday tagging calves, feeding cows, and catching up.  Saturday Clint woke up super, super early and went to the Oregon Cattlemen's Meeting in Corvallis while I stayed at home and helped the guys at the ranch.  We got everything fed & tagged in the morning, and then started tearing down the tack room.  

Clint got home in time for February Birthday's (a group of ranchers & good friends all have birthdays in February, so we celebrate every year with tacos & drinks at Murdock's) so while I wrapped up pulling a calf, he headed to Murdock's since we were bringing drinks.  I finished, and grabbed a shower at home quick before joining the party.

We sure love celebrating this group! 

 (Picture from Lindsay's Facebook feed.)

Sunday was more of the same - tagging, feeding, pulling bulls out of the fall cows, and doctoring sick calves. 

There is a lot going on in our lives right now....but one thing is so, so very clear.

We are blessed.

And I am so thankful that we are living this one life as well as we can, exactly where we are.


  1. Darcy,
    How do you work in town, work at the ranch and keep a house? I can't do all that and have a lot of respect for those who can.

    I am sure your contributions to the ranch and Clint is priceless. I am glad that you are happy.

    Hope you didn't have too many sick calves. We give an overeating shot at birth and branding. We battle bloat on the oldest calves every year b/c the overeating wears out before branding shots. It's the pits! J is trying a little different overeating on the first born calves to see if we can save some headache in April.

    Progress on the sale barn sounds exciting. I hope the weather continues to cooperate for you.


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