Leo, the cow dog.

Our little dog Leo sometimes thinks he is quite the cow dog.

But in reality....he's really at his best when he's being a
"Here I am stretched out on your bed with my belly up waiting for you to pet me....c'mon, hurry up and PET ME!"
kind of dog.

Or a
"Oh you're looking for me?  I'm here hiding under the bed because thunderstorms scare me, and I heard thunder 6 hours ago, and you know, it might go off again, so I'll just stay here under the bed, and NO YOU CANNOT MAKE ME GET OUT FROM UNDERNEATH IT"
kind of dog.

Or a
"I'm tucked up under the backseat of the extended cab pickup in the tightest spot ever because I like to feel swaddled and I heard a gun shot go off 10 miles down the road that you didn't hear, BUT I DID, and I'm scared!"
kind of dog.

Seriously - he cracks us up.

But since we lost Chance, and Katie went to live with the Johnsrud crew, and Austin can't hear a dang thing....

Leo is it.

And you know what?

He's been doing pretty well.  

I think a lot of it is he listens well, and REALLY wants to please Clint. 

Of course there are times when he gets off course, and starts to head toward the feed truck - because he heard a gunshot go off 8 miles down the road and gets scared - but usually he stays in the mindset until the job is done.  He also doesn't like it when a dog gets reprimanded (Katie maybe got told to "GET BACK".....a lot) but now that he's the only dog out working Clint can give praise a lot more efficaciously and that allows Leo to work a lot better.

And of course, when he's done with whatever we've asked him to do, he trots right over to you, because he knows some belly pats are coming - and this dog LOVES to be petted.

He is after all, his mama's (Katie) child.


- PS -
I was a little bit sad when Katie left to go live with Morgan & Kim's kids, but when Clint told me they played with her for over an hour when she got there; my heart felt a lot better.  She was having a hard time jumping into the pickup when she went to work with Clint, and now she can live the retirement life of luxury - being petted & loved on by Parker - all day long.  Morgan came up to borrow a piece of equipment yesterday to take back to Jordan Valley and brought Parker with him, and he was telling us ALL about his "Katie Mae Mae" - which makes me so happy. 

Clint also tried to teach Parker how to tell Katie to go "Waaaaayyy around!" when he gets back home, but we'll see how well that pans out.  Kim - if you see Katie out in the field running laps, and Parker pointing at her saying "Aaaay awound!" we don't know anything about that. ;)


  1. LOVE this! Katie Mae Mae is one of our favorites too! Sounds like a great place to move to :)

  2. It's amazing how a dog becomes a vital part of the family. It is also amazing what a good cow dog can do. We still miss our good ole Roxie.

    Rosie is ready for the next step. J wants to start her on sheep vs. cattle. With calving it might be a delayed process. I agree with your comment about a dog wanting to work and please it's master.

    Rosie is a barker. On the few occasions we have to put her in her pen she barks and barks and barks. I think part of the problem is she wants to be with us or see us.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    On a fun note my little Boston helped J make me a birthday card. Message, dog print and all! lol


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