Our weekend in cell phone pictures.

The end of March is one of my favorite times of year.  

 We get about two weekends that are pretty relaxing - the guys are still feeding every morning, but calving is juuusst about wrapped up and we won't start hitting the AI projects really hard until the first of April. So the stress level is at a decent level, and we can usually sneak a nap or something fun for ourselves (like going to a branding, or running errands) into the afternoon.

After the guys fed part of the cows Saturday morning we helped Ryan & Beau ship and trich test bulls. 

After lunch (and a quick nap for me) the guys finished feeding the cows while I opened gates with my trusty co-pilot Austin who also felt like she needed a nap.  The wind was HOWLING - but we got a few drops of rain, and this sweet rainbow!

It's been 1/2 Muck boot weather here - warm enough that you need to keep the tops rolled down, but still slick/wet/greasy enough to need Muck boots.

Speaking of calving - the second to last Double M Cow calved Sunday morning bright & early.  Only one more to go!  Woo hoo!

Sunday was beautiful too!  We did chores, fed cows, put CIDR's in a group of heifers and branded.  A great day to round out the weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend too! 


  1. Hope your April is a nice as March was for you, Darcy.

    Most times a simple weekend doing what you love is the best.


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