The calf we waited all year for.

It's the calf we've waited all year for, and she just happened to be a heifer.

And a cute one at that. 

I just love how silver this calf turned out to be, I think it's so pretty.

#645, the last of our Charolais cows calved this weekend.  She also happens to be what we call "the milk cow" since she produces so much.  Along with her calving, a Jersey cow that the ranch kept back from last year also calved Saturday so we were in need of a lot of bummer calves at the barn this weekend!  Luckily Jack had a few from his pairs, and a calf Clint grafted to a cow also at the barn was big enough to eat for two, so we were covered. 

The crossbred calves book-ended us this year; Lolita was the first calf and now this one is the last out of the cows.  She joins the rest of the Charolais cow's calves as the 2014 calf crop.  We still have a first calf heifer that needs to calve, but she's taking her own sweet time!

Any thoughts on a name for this silver heifer calf???


  1. "Moonbeam" from Sarah Plain and Tall. A little silver, a little white. Congrats!


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