5 on Friday.

1. If you need us, we'll be at the White Corrals.

I was at a training for work this week in Redmond, so I haven't been home much to take pictures but I did drive through the heifers and check heats last night when I got home. Clint synchronized a big group of ranch heifers for breeding this weekend, and if they all come into heat like they should I think we'll have our hands full!  I'll try to capture a few shots in between thawing straws.  :)

2. Sweet surprises that make you smile.

My cousin Alicia sent me the cutest notecards in the mail that I had won on her blog!  I love getting "fun" mail, and these are super fun!  Alicia let me know that these notecards are made by a friend of hers (who is also a former Ms. Minnesota - impressive!) and you can check out her Etsy store here.

3. This weather.

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year, weather-wise.  If I could live somewhere where it was 65-72 degrees year round, with cool evenings - I think I would!  The weather this week at home has been gorgeous, and I am so thankful for it!

4. Photo contests.

I love taking pictures.  It's just something that brings me a lot of joy and I love being able to document different seasons in our life.  Last week I shared a picture of the crew at Double M branding spring calves.  You can see it here on NCBA's Facebook page or click here to see the entire gallery of photos.  Feel free to "like" your favorite! 

Speaking of photo contests, the Beef Daily blog is still accepting pictures for their current photo contest that features working dogs.  If you have a picture to share, be sure to email it in to Amanda by next Friday, April 18!   I sent in the one above of Austin, our {Power Dog}, so we'll see if she makes the cut.

5.  I don't want to live through each day, I want to live for each day.

Too often I find myself wishing my way through the day. 

"I wish it was 4:30 and I could be headed home."
"I wish I was done doing chores and house work."
"I wish I could just go to bed."

But I want to count my blessings, not count my days. 

If you're in the same boat, come back tomorrow for a giveaway that just might help you and I do that.


Happy Friday friends! 

I hope we all get to make the most of our weekend!


  1. Good Morning, Miss Darcy!

    When I was in elementary school my Dad worked for a registered Angus outfit. We would start AIing heifers this time of year, AI Angus cows, then finish up with AIing our cows. AI season lasted from April-mid June.

    Surprises in the mailbox are one of my favorite things! I just got done getting Sister's b-day gift ready to sent off.

    Yeah for beautiful spring days. I have had the house windows open, need less layers of clothes and have been outside as much as possible this week.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Beef Daily dog photo contest. I'm out of the loop.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  2. Glad you got them...wearing the teal nail polish from my "gift box" today on my nails...and the purple sparkles on my toes...totally wearing flip flops today! Love!

  3. Good Morning! Alicia sent me a link to your post! Thanks for sharing my etsy shop and sharing a picture of my greeting cards - so neat to see!!


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