Branding in Pilot Rock.

The branding fun continued last weekend!

Ryan & Amy branded again, but this time in Pilot Rock. 

We had to do chores and put CIDR's in heifers in the morning at our house, so we didn't show up until after lunch but we were in time to help brand the calves.   These are the calves that Amy calved this year, after Ryan had back surgery.  I give Amy a lot of credit - she did what a lot of women couldn't do, and she still has a smile on her face. 

And she still loves her husband. 

But I think she is glad to be spending more time at home now.  :)

Anyway - the same group that had helped the weekend before was there again (minus a few people on horseback) so even though we hadn't brought a horse, Clint found one to borrow and got to rope.   Since Double M runs all of their calves across a table, it's fun for Clint to go to a branding where they rope the calves.

 Ryan & Amy use a Nord Fork to catch the calf's head which holds the calf securely but doesn't choke him.  Then when you're done working the calf, you just grab ahold of the Nord Fork handle, while the roper allows slack in the heel rope and the calf is able to get up and walk away.

There was a pole in the middle of the lane where the guys were dragging the calves through, so two guys always stood ready to help adjust the rope so that the calf went left or right.

It was a beautiful day - and there were a lot of smiles from the crew!

Especially when the cookies & beer came out.  :)

There were only 2 Nord Forks, so when the 3rd roper caught, Jackson took care of business & held the calf in place until it could be branded & given shots.

Char maaayyy have provided some comedic relief for the bunch....

Before she jumped on a horse & showed us her roping skills!
(She kept up with the guys well!)

I have to end with this picture - the boys were so good all afternoon long!  At this point in the afternon they were done roping, running & riding - so they'd kicked off their shoes, and were hanging out in the top of the trailer.  I asked for a "funny faces" picture - and they delivered!

Such a fun day - thanks again Ryan & Amy for the invitation to come out & help!


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