A week of A.I.


It was a busy week last week!

I wanted to title this post "I'm Alive & Well" but thought that might be a touch dramatic.


It was such a good week though, and a lot less stressful than this same week last year.  We bred a lot of heifers, and got to visit a lot of different ranching operations (some long time customers, some new) which is always fun.  We started the week at the feedlot giving shots to a group of heifers there on feed, and then spent three mornings at CRC breeding.  In the afternoons we either bred at the feedlot, or headed out to Pilot Rock to breed at Rollin' Rock for Ryan.  We wrapped up the week with an AI Demonstration at the Pendleton Cattle Baron's (post with pictures later this week) and then bred a set of heifers for the Moore's, and a final set at the feedlot.

I didn't take a ton of pictures - I was hoofin' it to keep thawed straws in the breeder's hands - so I thought I'd just do one post and incorporate all of the pictures from last week.


Early Tuesday morning found us back on top of Franklin Grade, at the McLoughlin place, which is coincidently where Clint and I lived when I worked in Heppner.  It was kind of a funny feeling to drive through the overhead....it felt like home, but it hasn't been since 2010.  The gorgeous views however haven't changed a bit, and I got there in time to take a few pictures of the crew gathering the heifers off of the top.

After the CRC heifers were bred, we headed back to the feedlot to give shots to a set of heifers we were riding heats on before breeding.  Morgan's son Parker was there helping his dad & Poppa and his picture is the only one I took at the feedlot.


After a week of breeding at CRC, or the feedlot, or in Pilot Rock - of which I have zero pictures of, darn it - Saturday morning we left sunny Hermiston, and headed towards Hereford, OR.  I had to look it up on the map too - it's right in the center of John Day, Baker City and Ontario, Oregon - beautiful country.  The weather was nice when we left home, so we didn't have a ton of layers on.  But as we drove further east, and Clint talked to a few people on the phone, we knew we'd probably under-prepared in the clothing department.  When we hit a massive hail and rain storm in North Powder, and only saw snow in front of us, we knew a quick pit-stop at the D&B Supply store in Baker City was probably a wise choice.

It was.

Hail storm in North Powder - the windshield wipers couldn't keep up!
After a new pair of awesome Under Armor pants (I'll post more about them on Friday, but they are amazing!) and some Carhartt apparel for the guys, we were back on the road and made it to Hereford to breed heifers for the Moore family.

Sunshine, wind, rain, hail and a few snow flurries couldn't stop us.  We set up our single box in front of their hydraulic squeeze chute.  Clint bred in the box, Morgan bred in the chute and I thawed out of the pickup.  The Moore's had a great crew there to help bring cattle and work the chute, and in no time we had their heifers bred.  Thanks for having us!  And thank you for the great lunch afterwards Cassie!

People really are the key to a successful A.I. season and I'm not afraid to brag that we get to work with some of the best.

These guys were troopers & let me take a selfie!
- Stan, RJ, Tyler & myself -

A big thank you to our crew last week - Morgan, Stan, Justin, Tyler, RJ, Don, Miles & Marlene, Annie, Walt & Deb and Ty.  We appreciate your great help!

And a big thank you to the ranches & families that we get to work with on AI projects.  We don't take it lightly that you trust us to help you make & execute your beef reproductive management decisions.


  1. I'm glad to hear you are alive and well, Darcy! I was thinking you were probably busy breeding heifers. It sounds like you had a successful week, even if the weather was sketchy.

    We worked calves at J's cousin's today. It was 32* when we left the yard at 6 this morning. It warmed to the mid 50's and the wind blew. It wasn't too bad of a day to work calves, just a bit chilly gathering pairs.

    We are working calves at home tomorrow. It will be a big long day. I think I'm as ready as I can be, food started, house spiffed up and J seems calm (at the moment). J's Mom is helping with the meal and we have an excellent crew lined up.

    Hope you have an awesome week!


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