5 on Friday.

1. Gorgeous Sunsets.

I pulled over on the side of the road Wednesday night after Bunco because the sunset on the way home was just so gorgeous!  These pictures are all SOOC, but they just make me so thankful that we live in an area where we get to enjoy beauty like this on a regular basis.

And Bunco was pretty fun too!  If you don't play, I'd highly recommend finding a group.  You can't buy better therapy for $10 a month.  :)

2. Jewel Kade Launch Party! 

If you missed this post - be sure to check out the online Jewel Kade jewelry party I'm hosting.  You could be the lucky winner of a beautiful Enchanted Bracelet (value $90)!

3. The post in which I am a used car saleman.

So maybe I should have titled this post "Darcy is trying to sell stuff" instead of "5 on Friday" because I kind of think I sound like a sales person today.

Maybe I need to pick up a tacky plaid blazer, and start working on a used car lot.  Lol.

But I did list my pickup for sale this week on Craigslist.  It's been such a nice and comfortable pickup to drive, and I've had zero problems with it, but after driving it for a full breeding season, we've realized that I probably need something a bit bigger.  So if you're looking, or know someone who is, you can check out the ad here

4. Bud Boxes vs. Tubs

I am not a cattle handling expert - like at all.  I still have so much to learn.  But I can recognize and appreciate when cattle work well through a system.  Clint posted this article on his Facebook page this week, and I thought it was worth sharing here too. 

We own a Bud Box so we're probably a little biased, but we've worked with tubs before and many of Double M's working facilities utilize a tub.  We're not tub haters....but if a Bud Box is used correctly it's impossible not to notice how much quicker and easier cattle work through it.  This past weekend was really a testament that the more cattle work through a Bud Box, and open alleyway system (like our Daniels alley) the easier it is for the cattle & handlers time after time.  The set of cows we bred last weekend are always worked through an open system (not just at breeding time) and everyone on the project remarked at how well the cattle came to the box and how quickly and easily they loaded into the alley.  A large part of that is good cattle handling by the owners/managers prior to us breeding them.  You can't expect facilities to work well if the cattle aren't handled well before they enter the facility.

But when you pair good cattle handling (some call this stockmanship) with proper facilities....slower really becomes faster

If you own cattle or work around cattle, I hope you'll take time to read this article.

5. Hilarity.

Yes, that is a word.  At least in my mind.

Have you read this "Dear Mom" letter from the 8 year old at camp?

If you haven't.....you need to!



I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!

Congratulations to all of the fabulous teachers who are done with school!  While we don't have kids, know that we appreciate the work you do with our country's youth.  It is so important, and I know you're overworked and under-paid, but your efforts really are appreciated!

I'm celebrating tonight with one of my favorite teachers, and then tomorrow we're headed to Wallowa to move heifers and do a bit of fencing.

Keep living the dream!


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