That one heifer.

Our set up at the GI worked pretty well, but early on in the line up, we had one heifer get away.
She was red, and still had her patch, so she was easy to spot in the large group of heifers who'd already been bred.  Some might have just let her go; but we don't operate that way.  Once the main group of heifers had been bred, Miles and Cathy came out to sort the heifer off and back into the alleyway so that we could breed her.
I don't ride; but it was a lot of fun to watch Miles and Cathy sort.  They're both very good on a horse, and it was fun to watch them sort the heifer away from the main group.

It only took a few short minutes before they had her sorted off,  in the alleyway and ready to breed.
Success is reason enough.


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