An early morning at the lake.

We were in Joseph this weekend checking on bred heifers, and stayed at the ranch's house at Wallowa Lake.  We'd gotten in kind of late the night before, so the whole crew took the opportunity to sleep in a little.  It was luxurious not having to wake up to an alarm.

I don't know if sleeping in until 7 am counts as sleeping in to everyone, but to us that is a luxury! :)

Even though I didn't have an alarm set, I woke up pretty early.  So after laying in bed for a bit trying to will myself to sleep, then taking out my phone and playing all of my lives on Candy Crush, I slipped out of bed and into a pair of shoes and Leo and I headed out the door for a walk.

But first I had to figure out a leash....our dogs are never on leashes (bonus of living in the country) and we didn't have one in the pickup, but Clint did have two pieces of baling twine in the back of his pickup.  So you guessed it - I made a Red Neck dog leash out of the blue twine, tied one end to Leo's collar, and the other around my wrist, and out we went.

We go up to Wallowa a lot every summer, but I'd never been down to the lake's edge.  If I'm being honest - I was hoping for a beautiful sunrise and prime picture taking opportunities.  That didn't happen (and I was probably at the wrong end of the lake for great pictures) but the scenery was still beautiful.  It'd rained the day before so there was still a coolness in the air, dew on the grass and clouds covering the sky.  Leo and I walked along the road, checking out the river, and then headed through the picnic area to the lake.


It was peaceful, just walking along enjoying the crisp morning.  Leo played in the water, and made sure to smell just about everything he walked by. 

Hardly anyone was out - it was still early on a Sunday morning, and there were only two boats out on the water.  Early morning fisherman were out angling for the day's catch - the early bid gets the worm (or fish), right?

After a quick jaunt on the cool sand out to the edge of the lake, we headed back to the cabin to work on breakfast for the crew before packing up our bags and heading out to check cows. 


We spent the rest of the day dodging rain drops, checking cattle and fixing fence.  Well, I should say the guys did those things, I just helped where I could.  We ate a quick early dinner at Terminal Gravity and then headed back home.  It was a short stay, but it seems they always are. 

We're thankful to the crew that helped us - Terry, Anna and RJ - you're the best and we appreciate your help!


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a lovely place to be able to visit!

  2. Sleeping in until 7 IS a treat, Darcy! Double treat going for a beautiful walk with camera in hand and a nice looking dog.

    Way to take advantage of the small adventures in life!


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