On the road again.

I'm headed to Tualatin for meetings this morning, and Clint's headed to Idaho later this week to judge a fair so I thought it was only appropriate of me to post pictures of us driving.
Except we're driving cows here, not cars.
You can take the girl off of the ranch....but you can't take the ranch out of the girl.
But before we could drive them out on the road, they had to get gathered up first...

Rural roadblock.

Once everything was gathered up, Clint and Jack started pushing them to the gate and out onto the road.  These cows were in the board gate pasture, so it was just a quick jaunt down the road to the white corrals where we'd preg the cows and precondition the calves.

Once they were in the alley, Clint and I started sorting on them while Jack, Jesse and Ty moved a different set of cows back under the freeway.
Have a great Wednesday friends, wherever your road may take you!


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