5 on Friday.


The sink is full of dishes, but the laundry is going.
The last of the calves were weaned today at Double M, and the trailer is pressure washed but my to do list still needs a few things checked off.  My cold is getting better - turns out it was more of an infection in my lungs and ears so antibiotics and steroids were ordered and I think by tomorrow I will actually be able to hear out of both ears. 

It has been a week.  But it's been a good one, and we have a lot to show for it.

Just don't look too hard at my floors....

With that - here's a few misc notes from this Friday in mid-September.  I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika today for their Friday Favorites - be sure to hop over the blog link up to see what everyone is up to this Friday.

{PS} - How did it get to be mid-September already?!?!


1. Weaning calves.

I had grand intentions of getting a lot of great pictures today as Double M finished up weaning the last of the spring calves.  But - life took over, a driver was needed, and I spent the entire morning shuttling sorted calves from a field to the feedlot.  Little time (or patience) was had for pictures, but all of the calves are now weaned and we can focus on keeping them healthy while their mama's get a break for a few months before they start calving. 

We weaned three groups of cows this morning.  At each pasture, the whole group would be gathered, and then the guys would sort the cows from the calves.  Then steer calves were sorted from heifer calves.  The steer calves were loaded and hauled to the feedlot where they were weighed and given their booster vaccine.  The heifers were loaded and hauled to the white corrals where they were weighed and given their booster vaccine.   Hauling calves took all morning, and then after lunch we processed the heifers.  (The feedlot crew takes care of processing the steers.)


I think everyone is glad to have the spring calves weaned.  Now we can focus on keeping them healthy, and calving fall cows.

2. My favorite post of the week.

Robyn's post about couples working cattle together is a good one.

 If you are married to a farmer or rancher, I'd encourage you to check this one out.

And a special Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Robyn!

3. Favorite thought of the week.

I can't say that I've suffered from depression, but I do know that I feel better about myself and more confident when I exercise.  I started going to Zumba a few nights a week at the beginning of the month, and I really enjoy how it makes me feel.  My goal isn't to be skinny; it's just to be healthier and I try to go 3 nights a week.  I can't even tell you how excited I was when I went to Urgent Care for my cold this week, and they told me my blood pressure was 110/74.
So if there's some extra positive side effects (like weight loss) that come along with the exercise - well, than that's just a bonus.  
4. This dog.

I love this picture of Leo....he has two of his favorite things; a water bottle & a bone, and is hanging out in the shade. Life is good.  :)

5. My favorite picture of the week.

Almost all of the pictures I took this week were at sunset - it was just one of those weeks.

But this picture is a good reminder that even when life is chaotic, and maybe not perfect - it is still beautiful.

Happy Friday friends!

Keep living the dream!


  1. You had your hands full during the sorting. I totally agree with that food as a drug quote. Sugar seems to be my drug of choice here! I hope your weekend is great.


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