Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday friends!
We made it!!! 
Haha.  I have totally felt like {that} today....and all this week, I just kept saying to myself "Just keep it together - Friday will be easier."  And it has been!
I hope you've had a great week.  Today, I thought I'd post a quick, light hearted post (with cell phone pics no less - that's how simple this post is) showing you a few of my favorite things and link up to Andrea, Narci & Erika!
1. My favorite snacks.

I knew this week that I wasn't going to have any free time to go to the gym, so I tried to watch what I ate.  Have you seen the "Biggest Loser" celery at Wal-Mart?  It's the only place I can buy it in town, but it's already cleaned and sliced, and you only get nice green stalks (no leaves, or light yellow inside stalks).  It's always delicious and super easy to take to work as a snack.  And it's not any more expensive than a regular stalk of celery so that is a win-win!
I also love little cherry tomatoes...and since it's October and these benefit breast cancer research I was more than happy to put a few packages in my cart!
Easy - and healthy - snacking!
2. My favorite {FALL} candle.

I'm not a huge candle girl....I think because it requires me to consciously light one, and then remember to put it out.  So for the majority of the year, I just use a Scentsy.  But two years ago, I won a Tyler Candle from a Bunco night at my friend Brandi's and I fell in love with it.
She gave another one away this month at her Bunco (I didn't win it, darn it) but it reminded me how much I loved my first one.  So I stopped by Brandi's boutique last week - it's amazing, check it out here! - and picked up a candle for myself in the "Mulled Cider" scent.
Oh My Gosh. 
 It smells delicious and is TOTALLY worth the effort to light it and remember that it is lit.  #Lotsgoingon  #Firstworldproblems 
So if you love a good candle, and want to make your home smell delicious - you need to try one of these candles! 
3. My favorite restaurant with some fun friends!
There are no pictures for this one - but probably one of the best parts of this week was that Sarah & Katie stayed with me at the house last night after they videoed the Double R sale bulls.  After they were done and I had chores done at the barn we went and ate at the Wheat & Barley Pub in Echo which is one of my favorite places to eat here locally.  They have the best steaks - which happen to be Double R beef (the same ranch as the bulls that were being videoed at the feedlot) and their food has so much flavor.  I feel like I want to make everything I eat there, but don't know how to because the flavor is so developed in all of their dishes and I like that in a restaurant. 
Clint was in Medford for a wolf delisting meeting, so he missed out on the fun.
So there's my Friday Favorites!
Any good weekend plans?
I'm taking pictures of one of my favorite families, and then we're headed to Joseph to video a set of bred heifers we own this weekend.  The heifers (most of which are AI bred to KG Solution) will be on the Superior Livestock Select Female Auction on October 23, 2014.  We've never sold anything on the video so that's exciting (and maybe a little bit nerve-wracking) but we have complete trust in our Superior Rep - shout out to Dennis! - and hope the heifers sell well.
#Nopressureonthevideographer  ;)
Then Monday is a federal holiday (wooo hooo!) and I will be working on Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction stuff.
PS - Do you have plans for November 8?  Why not treat yourself to a great BBQ tri-tip dinner and benefit auction at Hermiston High School! 
Happy Friday Friends -
Keep living the dream!


  1. I love the Tyler melts. That's what I have in my classroom and the kids always love it. I too am a HUGE fan of the celery!!! Hope you had a great weekend!


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