The BoBo Sale.

My cousin posted a great comment on the blog this week;


"Make a plan.  Work the plan."
- Alicia Clancy


I thought that was pretty fitting for what happened at the Double M Sale Barn this past Wednesday during the BoBo Sale.

Our job, when we rent out the sale facility is to make sure that cattle are displayed safely and well, to bring those cattle timely and in correct order to the sale ring, and to make sure that the sale runs smoothly inside the barn.  Amenities such as seating, tables, internet and etc. are all looked after as well. 

A successful sale is what we're after - but to us, that's not measured in profits but in functionality.  And Wednesday functioned well - very well.  A lot of it was because we had a plan, and we worked the plan.  Clint & Jack and their crew took care of the outside of the barn and did a great job.

We owe a huge amount of thanks to Ty, Jesse, Cody, Matt, Annie, Anne, Callie, Deana and Deb.  They helped Clint and Jack make sure that cattle got to the ring timely and safely, and returned in a similar matter.  They also facilitated load out and back penning of the cattle. 

Thank you. 

Seriously - you were a great crew, and we're thankful you chose to help us this week.


The rest of the sale - attendance, bids, etc are left up to the sale management and owners of the cattle.  I think Willie and his family walked away happy from their sale and thankful for the bids received.

I thought I'd show you a few pictures from sale day - I have more on my other camera and need to get those offloaded and edited.  They're pictures of the penning and outside set up but they'll wait for their own separate post.


2014 BoBo Registered Female Dispersal Sale

Oct. 29, 2014

"Make a plan.  Work the plan."


  1. Look how far you've come. Your crew went went dirt to sale! It's amazing. . Looks like a great crowd and happy customers!


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