5 on Friday.

1. Ag Sales Practice

I helped the Hermiston FFA Ag Sales team practice this week, and before we began we thought we'd take a selfie.

Because every sales practice begins with a selfie, right?!?

***crickets chirping***

Ok, well, maybe not.  But it was fun anyway! :)  And this team is going to ROCK at districts! :)

2. "I ate all of your Halloween candy."

One of the gals in the office sent a link to this video at work right after Halloween, and when I watched it I just couldn't stop giggling.  I was trying to contain myself, but seriously - the "I ate all of your Halloween candy" reaction never get old.

Since I haven't done a "5 on Friday" post for a few weeks, this video has been sitting in my drafts but I still thought it was worth sharing.

After a week of snow, and cold temperatures I thought maybe someone reading this could use a laugh.

So - happy laughing!


3. Awesomeness

Oh social media, how you make me laugh sometimes.  And then shake my head in agreement.  Here are a few fun images I came across on Facebook this week.  :)

4.  A cold week for calving.

Last week Clint went thru the fall cows and brought the final four that needed to calve to the heifer barn so they'd be easier to watch.  Two of them calved last Sunday morning, and since I did chores at the barn that morning I got to see them first.  It was in the low teens on that morning, but these two babies were up & sucking and doing well.

 It's amazing how resilient newborn calves are.

5. A few of my favorites.

 I had a lot of time to take pictures this past week, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that were kind of random and didn't necessarily fit into a post.


Take photos is something I love, and having a few hours to go through and shoot & edit whatever I wanted always makes me feel good.


Hope you had a great week!

Keep on living the dream!



  1. I always love your enthusiasm and smile, Darcy!
    Good Luck to the sales team and what would we do without the words of "encouragement" we find on facebook?

    Glad you have been taking lots of pictures and thanks for sharing them. I've been taking my camera with me this week, but haven't had any shots I was real excited about. Maybe they will look better when I get them downloaded. Cousin T, J and I are "planning" to go to a bull sale tomorrow. I am hoping to get some shots of new scenery.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!


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