Fall at the ranch.

With the temperatures we've seen this week (teens & single digits) some might say that we went straight from an Indian Summer to winter.

And they'd have a pretty good case. 
But {Fall} did happen here at Double M - and we have the trucks & trailers and full feedlot pens to prove it.

The fall cows are all but calved here at the ranch - Sunday there were four heavies left and Clint thought they'd probably all calve here this week.  Soon it'll be time to start synchronizing the early calving cows to be AI'ed to Genex Progeny Test bulls.

Groups of customer heifers are being put on MGA and will have their time through the AI barn as well.  If there's a pen, a bunk and a water trough on our side of the freeway; chances are it's being utilized by a group of replacement heifers.

The Rollin' Rock bull calves were delivered this week as well.

And they look good. 

Really good.

It'll be exciting to watch them over the next four months, as they grow and develop in the pens next to our house, before being sold in Rollin' Rock's sale in March.

 And it wouldn't be fall without a few trees loosing their leaves.....

Fall at the ranch.

Full pens, cattle that are developing and fall calves that are growing.

We couldn't ask for much more.

Success is reason enough.


  1. Fall is a favorite time of year around here. J's folks talk about the nice "break" and slower atmosphere around the ranch. J and I must be doing something different as we have continued to be very busy and haven't made it to the house until after dark since the time changed.

    We did take it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon as it was just too cold to do much.

    Have a great weekend, Miss Darcy!


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