Happiness is....

Tall boots & leggings on a cold wintry day.
A jacket that fits just right, and has a hood that keeps the blowing snow out.

Leaving the office knowing everyone had gotten home safely.
My Ipsy bag & Birchbox delivered on the same day.
So much {Fun Mail} for only $10.
A night of fun, walking tacos, visiting & prizes at the Echo School Carnival - love this little community we live in!
Roads that were plowed - thank you ODOT and Umatilla County Road crews!
A hot breakfast for the guys, and no dishes to do afterwards.
A morning spent prepping meals & salads.
Lunch at the house with my handsome husband.
Time to take pictures of snow, and cattle and the goodness that surrounds us.
A calf doctored, a shower taken, and a pickup packed to go serve dinner to a group of FFA alumni members.
Happiness is all around us.
And it's good to recognize it.
Happy Friday friends - keep living the dream!


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