Thanksgiving in Pacific City.

My family celebrated Thanksgiving in Pacific City this year.  We rented a house in Shorepine Village, and spent Thursday and Friday night there.  We couldn't get into the house until 5 pm on Thursday, so Lindsay and Henry met us at the boat ramp and we went out crabbing until dark.
My brother is a firefighter/EMT and his shift fell on Thanksgiving, and Clint and I couldn't leave the ranch until Thursday morning so we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night.

While we were letting the pots soak for a bit, Henry took us over to the sand bar and we anchored for a bit to walk the beach.
It was the only time I went to the beach - it poured the next day, and the warmth of our beach cabin kept me inside.

 How cute are these two?

The picture of Lindsay & I is in front of the house we're going to own someday.
Lol - when we win the lottery!  But isn't it gorgeous?  And it is HUGE.  Henry thinks that Kevin Costner owns it.

I figured the photo below of Clint & I can be in contention for our 2014 Christmas Card photo - what do you think???  ;)

I'll post more pictures of us crabbing later this week - but the moral of the story is this.
We caught two, and had the best time. 

Thanks Lindsay & Henry for taking us out!
After we pulled the boat out, we picked up dinner and headed to the house to get settled in.

After sleeping in on Friday, Lindsay & Henry made breakfast before we went back out and pulled the crab pots we'd let soak all night.  After getting back to town we walked the paths of Pacific City and went to an open house for a cabin that was for sale.  Clint got in a nap, Mom & Shawn worked all day on a puzzle, we played Rummikub and prepped everything for dinner.  It was a great day and very relaxing.

Dinner included the usual suspects - turkey, prime rib, broccoli wild rice casserole, salad, mashed potatoes & gravy, grilled asparagus and delicious razzleberry pie.

We got a family picture at the end of the meal....

And then had an outtake!

It may be my favorite picture of the whole gosh dang weekend.
And only two bottles of champagne were harmed in the taking of this picture!
I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!
We sure did.
There is so much to be thankful for!


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