Weekend wrap-up.

Happy Monday!
I had meant to post this last night....but by 8:30 we were home, chores were done, dinner had been eaten and we hit the sack - early!
So here's a few pictures from the weekend. We have tomorrow off - A huge thank you to our Veteran's for their selfless service - and I'll post more tomorrow.
Until then, these cell phone pics will do.  :)
I took a day of vacation off of work and spent all day Friday at Hermiston High School, prepping stuff for the FFA Alumni Auction.  I help direct the auction, and there wasn't school on Friday so it was a day the custodial staff could help me set up tables, arrange chairs, hang signage and put together various odds & ends.  Then in the afternoon, Sheri and Hannah came by and we prepped all of the salads for the dinner.  It was a lot of chopping, but fun to visit with those two!
Saturday was the auction.  It went really well - I don't have a firm number yet, but I know we raised over $20,000 and I am so thankful to all of the people who donated items, volunteered their time, or came out to bid and enjoy the event.  FFA is such a powerful organization for youth, and it was great to see all of the support at the annual auction on Saturday.  I took a bunch of pictures on Saturday and will post them later this week.
Sunday morning we woke up and headed out to Boardman to breed a second set of cows for Thomas Angus.  They're running various sets of fall cows on different circles, and this was the second group of three (I think) that we'll breed.  They had extra help Sunday, so once the cattle were sorted, we ran everything through the barn and bred them.
About halfway through, Clint asked me if the wind was blowing.  Our AI barn is pretty "tight" and you have to step outside to know if the wind is blowing.  Sure enough, it was.  So much so - and straight at the AI barn - that the self tripping doors wouldn't open when they were released.  So after each cow was bred, I'd run to the front of barn, open the door and the cow would walk out.  Then we'd load another set of cows and keep on going.

We were done a little after 11:00 am, and I had scheduled to take Jack & Deana's pictures that afternoon but with the wind, we rescheduled.  Pictures are stressful enough - taking pictures in 40-50 mph winds just wasn't worth it.  So we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and checked through a few groups of cows back home at the ranch.

Terry & Anna needed a bit of help hauling a set of cows home from cornstalks, so we took two trailers over to help them.  Reagan and I were hiding out from the wind while we were in the trailer line waiting to load and figured - what better time for a selfie!?!

Isn't her headband the cutest?

After the cows were dropped off, we headed back to the ranch to start to winterize things.  It's supposed to get down into the teens this week at night and there are a lot of troughs & pump houses that needed some attention.  Trevor had helped us start on them in the morning while we were in Boardman, but all of the troughs needed drained behind the sale barn.  Clint also doctored a few heifers at the white corrals and I checked the last few head of fall calving cows.

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at El Erradero with the Francis's and then came home.  I'd had two weeks of mail stacked up in the backseat of my car so I made a point of going through it last night.

Mixed in with bills and a few letters was one of our favorite catalogs - the Double R bull sale catalog.  Sarah did a good job with the layout, and I hope that they have a great sale.  The bulls are fed here at the feedlot and will be on display through the sale on December 1.

Once the mail was sorted, we were off to bed.  I woke up this morning and told Clint first thing that I'd really gotten a good nights sleep - and I meant it.  It's the small things in life.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are living the dream!


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