Weekend wrap up.

Happy Monday!

Did you all have a great weekend?  We sure did.  It was my short weekend, since I worked on Friday but since we celebrated my birthday both Thursday and Friday nights (I'm a lucky girl!) the weekend seemed extra long.

Thursday night we all met at our local Mexican restaurant in Stanfield for dinner.   I'm so blessed to have such great friends!  And it was nice to all get to dinner, and not have any dishes to do once we were done.

Bonus.  :)
Friday work flew by (it's getting busy....let the games begin, is what I say) and that night we had the OSU Steer A Year crew staying with us since they were touring beef operations here on the east side of the state for the weekend.  They headed into Pendleton to eat dinner at Hamley's, and Clint, myself, Anna & Terry met at The Wheat & Barley Pub in Echo to celebrate Anna & I's birthdays. 

Our birthdays are five days apart, so we like to celebrate with a dinner together.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to grab breakfast for the crew in town, and pick up some vaccine Clint needed for working ranch heifers that morning.  Then the OSU gals and I loaded up in their van for a quick tour of Double M.  We saw the feedlot, the commodity & feed mixing area, White Corrals, calving barn and then Clint showed them the sale barn and they got to watch the crew freeze brand replacement heifers.

Clint put our Daniels portable alleyway in the sale ring, and the panels reconfigured to make an alleyway for the cattle.  This way the guys could freeze brand inside, and be more protected from the elements.  A kerosene heater helped make it comfortable too, even with the sliding doors open for cattle to enter & exit from.

I see a lot of future cattle work happening here, which was what the barn was designed for!

After I dropped the SAY crew off with Clint, I headed into Echo to help set up for the 2014 Echo & Stanfield FFA Auction. 

The auction went so, so well - over $16,000 was raised that night to support both the Echo & Stanfield FFA chapters!  A HUGE crowd of people turned out, so many so in fact that the crew had to set up more tables (279 place settings had originally been set) and there was just enough dinner to feed all who came.

What a success!

Sunday we took it easy - chores, a late breakfast at Last Chance, a nice nap (I tried to resist, but it was futile, lol!), a little bit of doctoring and chores.

Sunday evening Jenny had invited us to Hale's to celebrate Anna's birthday with dinner.  It was a great way to end the weekend, and super fun to celebrate with the whole crew!

Anna is such a dear friend, and it was great to celebrate her!

Terry & Anna and Clint and I are headed to Vegas for the NFR the 6th-9th of December and it is going to be such a blast with these two!

After dinner, I did chores real quick and then we came back to the house for a nice relaxing evening.  I had to take a picture of this extra twin Clint's been feeding....of course the last fall cow to calve would have twins (and we don't have anything that needs a graft) so it's been hanging out at the barn getting bottles twice a day.  Week old calves have been bring $400+ at the auction lately, so it might hang around for awhile or it might get to go to town.  Either way, it's a cutie and it was fun to feed it today.


Did you all have a great weekend?

I sure hope so - and have a great week!  Hopefully you all have a "short" week before the Thanksgiving holiday and get to spend Thursday with family & friends.

I'm ready to {Gobble 'Til I Wobble}....how about you? 

PS - One last thing!

Have you heard about "Christmas in the Country"?

My friend Robyn is one of the hosts this year, and you can read all about this fun gift exchange on her blog here.  I signed up this week, and will be emailed the name of the person I get to be a secret Santa for after the sign up closes on Nov. 30.  If you'd like to participate, head over to Robyn's blog (or any of the other hosts here, here and here) and see how you can join in on the fun!


  1. Hey Darcy,
    What a great way to spend your birthday, looks like you are well loved! I know you deserve to be spoiled... a little.

    J and I have been talking about going to this year's NFR as our 10 year anniversary trip. Last week we decided not to go (there are many reasons/excuses for our decision). We are thinking about going to the Denver Stock Show in January. I'm crossing my fingers and not holding my breath.

    I hope you have a fabulous time in Vegas. Have you been to the NFR before?

    Thank you for the Christmas in the Country shout out! We appreciate your support and participation.

    1. Robyn - It'd have been so fun to see you at NFR, but I totally get why sometimes those things don't work out. We got engaged at NFR five years ago, and Clint had been before that so it's not our first time but there is SO much to do and see in Vegas, not just NFR stuff. Denver is great too - I love NWSS, and there's a soft spot in my heart for it. If you end up going, let me know!

  2. Happy belated birthday! So excited that we might meet in real life. I am so excited for the NFR.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited for NFR too, and hopefully we can find a time to meet up. :)


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