Will you be the one?

The 2015 Genex Beef Division Internships were announced this week!
Will you be the one to apply?
Will you be the one to extensively travel the US, visiting some of the most progressive beef ranches?
Will you be the one to learn to AI, and help with Genex's first class Chuteside Service projects?
Will you be the one to work at the Double M Ranch and get to live with yours truly?
Haha - don't let that throw you off!  ;)  I promise, we're nice people.
Genex is recruiting two interns & you can find all of the info here.
Here's a look at what last year's interns Wyatt & Gina got to experience during their internships:
Click on the hyperlinks for more details & pictures.

We had a little bit of fun there too after the breeding was done.  :)

Gina got to have some fun too - experiencing the PBR in Pendleton & traveling to the PI.
The deadline to apply is January 2 - what are you waiting for?
You can't be {The One} unless you apply!
For questions about the internship contact Sarah Thorson at sthorson@crinet.com


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