The Double M Christmas Party

Mike & Patsy hosted the annual Double M Christmas party last Thursday and as always, it was a great time!

This year we celebrated at the sale barn and there was a feast!

Mike smoked a brisket & ham, there was a smoked turkey and all of the sides, salads and desserts you could imagine.  Patsy made her famous homemade rolls; I don't really care for bread - but I eat one or two of these rolls every year they're so good!  She also made homemade pies, and everyone enjoyed those too.

The party is always enjoyable and part of that I think is because things are kept pretty low-key.  Once every is off of work - the cattle are always fed before we are - everyone heads to where the party is at, we eat dinner and enjoy a few beverages and then spend the rest of the evening visiting. You come as you are, close friends and clients are always welcomed and Mike & Patsy make sure no one leaves hungry.

This year we celebrated at the sale barn and it worked out well.  It had been a busy week and the crew had put in embryos the day before, so we just left the equipment as it was and set up tables around it. A few heaters made the barn toasty warm.

We had already given Teagan her Christmas present earlier last month -

Duane - aka Grandpa D - had told Teagan that Santa comes when it snows....well, I don't think Duane was expecting it to snow in November - twice! - so to soften the blow, Teagan got her present from us early.  :) 

But when we won a small pink rattle paddle at the OCA convention earlier this month we figured it was the perfect size for Teagan.  We gave it to her during the party, and at first she didn't quite know what to think of it. 

We don't use rattle paddles at the ranch because they make too much noise....everyone just uses a sorting stick or a flag.

But once she figured out what it was, the sword fights were on!

I think Clint had the unfair advantage with the Hot Shot though.  ;)

The rest of the evening was spent visiting & enjoying each other's company.


We are sure thankful for Mike & Patsy, the entire crew at Double M and all of the people we get to share this lifestyle with.  We never had any idea that in 2011 when we came back from Nebraska, and when Clint went to work for Double M, that we would find ourselves fitting in so well here.

For that we are very thankful.

There is no better gift, then to be surrounding by those who care for you & encourage you, and to have a job that gives you a sense of ownership.  Thank you Mike & Patsy for that gift!

And from everyone at the ranch -

Merry Christmas!


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