Weekend wrap up - feeding & family.

Well, the weekend is over and my five {glorious} days off of work are over with it.  But the time off of work was so nice - and I think much needed.  We spent most of our time at the ranch, and I got a ton of stuff done around the house - laundry, a bit of cleaning (in preparation of our New Year's Eve party - if you're local, you're invited!) and a few things organized.  Just boring stuff, but stuff that needed to be done.   We also went and saw my family for Christmas, and spent Saturday evening with the Raymond family having a great visit over dinner.

And Clint may have picked out a new puppy from their litter.  Word on the street is that Ryan will bring her to the ranch sometime this week when he comes to look at the Rollin' Rock heifers & bulls.  I think Clint is looking forward to having another dog - but we're not sure how much Leo is going to love having to give up his {one man dog & pony show} status.  Stay tuned.  :)
- Feeding -
'Tis the season for feeding cows.  Like it or not, every morning they need to be fed - and with as many as there are here at Double M, it takes a bit to get hay delivered to everyone.  I spent a lot of time driving a feed truck this weekend, and I only got stuck once the whole time!
Tractor + a bale on front for the win!
After all of the rain we've had, it was a slick son of a gun out in most of the fields. Slipping & sliding was the norm and we worked hard to find a way to get into fields without running into the fence posts, and then find a dry spot to feed on.  Since I wasn't working, there were enough of us there most mornings that we could run three trucks at once - so we got after it!

We also worked a set of cows (pre-calving shots & wormer), and gave shots to a few cows that will get embryos here in another week or so.  We moved a bunch of groups of cows around too so that they were in the right pastures, as we get closer to calving.  The guys will work the rest of the spring calving groups this week, even though it's supposed to be cold because they say they're a bit behind in getting pre-calving shots done.

There's always something to do and we can always use more hours in the day.  :)
- Family -
One of the tough things about living in Oregon, is that we don't get to see Clint's family in person very much.  We struggle with that, but try to keep in touch through phone calls and emails.  My sister-in law Kristi sent me pictures from their Christmas and it did my heart good to see these, and I thought I'd share.
Our nephew Jace

Our niece Jacobi

Kristi's husband Robbie

My mother in law, Mel

Clint's dad, Dave
Thank you Kristi for sending me these - it looks like you all had a great evening of opening presents and spending time together!  :)
Kristi also sent me a few recent pictures of the kids - we are so proud of them.  Jacobi is playing basketball & they both are so good with the cattle!

Looks like everyone is halter broke and leading well!

They are growing up so fast - and we love the adults they are becoming!
As 2014 wraps up - I am reminded of all that we are thankful for.
I had a bit of time to edit pictures this weekend, so tomorrow I'll be posting my "December" picture post - and then look for my wrap up post on Wednesday! 
Hope you each had a nice weekend - and enjoy these last few days of 2014!


  1. Darcy,
    I always enjoy reading what you have been up to. Sounds like you enjoyed your days off. It's good to get away and clear our minds for a few days.

    I'm headed back tobSouth Dakota tomorrow. Excited to see J and be home.

    At the same time, family is priceless and meeting my new nephew too.

  2. A great weekend for sure! I'm certain a new puppy will bring entertainment for everyone! :)


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