AI'ing at 7UP

We bred cows at Terry & Debby Anderson's 7UP Ranch last Tuesday & Wednesday morning.

Terry & Debby live just down the road from us in Stanfield, so it's easy to do chores and check the calving heifers & cows first thing on the ranch, and then head over to their place.  This year we set up a double AI barn and a single (using a Y) and brought cows down one alleyway and sorted into the two boxes.  RJ, Clint & Tyler bred and I thawed for both boxes.

7UP always time breeds their cows the third week in January, and I think we've helped for the past 4 or 5 years now.  RJ is in charge of the project, so we just show up both mornings to help thaw & AI.  The cows are CIDR'ed ahead of time, and any heats are pulled off ahead of time and bred by RJ.  The majority of cows though are bred on a time appointment.  While we gave every cow a GnRH shot, most didn't need it as they'd shown great signs of standing heat.

Terry & Debby mated their mature cows to four bulls this year - Premium Beef, Absolute, Trinity & Beef King.    Terry would load three cows in the alleyway, find their mating and then call out the sires to me.  Then I would thaw the lineup Terry called out, we'd load the box in the same order every time and we'd go about our business.
I posted on Facebook the first morning we bred that the AI'ing was Efficient, Paced & Professional.  And while we play a large role inside the box in making those things happen, Terry & Debby play a large role too. 
Both are detail oriented, quiet around the cattle and they are prepared.  The mating sheet was color coded & laminated so even when it started to drizzle - Terry could efficiently and quickly call matings to me.  The cows were in great condition, and had ear tags that were easy to read.  The crew horseback (Shout out to Justin & others!) sorted the cows from the calves quietly and efficiently so that when the cows came to the barn they did so calmly.

Tuesday was beautiful - sunny & with just a slight breeze.
We didn't get quite so lucky on Wednesday morning - fog & a cold mist socked us in but we kept at it and in short order the cows were bred and back with their calves eating hay.  My 'real' camera stayed tucked in the pickup, but I captured a few shots from inside the barn with my cell phone.

The lead up to the barn.
We hope for a successful conception rate for the Anderson's!
- Success is Reason Enough -


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