These two.

These two...

Crack me up.
Make me laugh.
Keep me guessing.
Like attention.
These two....
Like soft serve vanilla ice cream in a dish.
They may have gotten a dish each this weekend.  ;)
Love to go with Clint in the pickup.
Love to work cows.
Love to play.
They're playing in the living room as I type this.
And these two are two of the sweetest dogs we could ask for.


  1. They both have the cutest expressions! I imagine Dot saying "Hi, Hiiii, Hi, HI!" in all the pictures where her ears are all perked up!

  2. You gots to love the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy. And, you gots to love the stability and tenderness of a dog with age. It's fun to watch them grow, develope into compainions and cattle workers. I love to watch Rosie work cattle. One can see the love she has for her "work."

    Thank You for the facebook messsage this morning, it made my day!


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